“Whoa…Hey there! Slow down, dude. Have you heard?

“Heard what?”

“Firecrackers are coming!”

“Firecrackers? What’s that?”

“It’s when the sky  pops open with a million crazy colours which come tumbling helter skelter down to earth.”

“Tumbling down? That’s  terrible. Awful. Move aside, brother.  I’m hoppin’ out of here. I don’t want any crazy colours landing between my sleek long ears.”

“No. That’s a poetic interpretation. Firecrackers is  a delicious poetry book all about us! The sky doesn’t really pop open. It just seems that way. That’s poetry.”

“Poetry? Poetry? Is the poetry about just us hares? I hope the badgers aren’t in it.”

“Everyone is included! All the animals.”

“Dude, not sure if I like that…. the badgers definitely do not deserve  poetry…or the crickets….not to mention the…”

“Stop complaining. You’ll love it.”

“OK. if you say so….but I’m not convinced.”

“Promise. It’s gonna be great.  Come on. Let’s go get this Firecrackers book before the ridiculous  mice nibble it all up.”

“Hey! But can you read?”

“Are you kidding? Of course. Anyway, even if I can’t, I bet it tastes good. After all, it’s a ZaZaKids Book. And I heard they are always good for a fantastic munch.”









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