Cherry Moon

Zaro Weil and Junli Song

“Sometimes the shortest poems can impart the biggest ideas…

Always mindful of the endangered natural world around us, Cherry Moon is a wonder-filled new poetry collection for children of all ages from poet Zaro Weil who lives in France. Beautifully illustrated throughout with unique and stylish colour illustrations by Junli Song, this creatively packaged book perfectly brings to life the sheer joy of nature in all its many elements.

The collection includes poems with titles such as Wonderfulness, Flicker and flash, Listen Earth, How does the flower open, Dappling sun, and Wild as the Wind, and offers thought-provoking, sensitive and delightfully original little poems and gatherings of words – carefully grouped, separated and partnered – which encourage children to ask the big questions about life and to find their own answers.

At a time when the natural world is in crisis, and healing its wounds is high on every child’s agenda, there is a genuine need to bring nature back into the lives of children through the stories we tell. And Cherry Moon makes an enormous contribution to this, delivering special and accessible poetry for a new generation of readers.

Weil’s poems capture eye-popping moments, tender observations and a thousand whimsical reflections on the sheer joy of the natural world. Thought-provoking, sensitive and delightfully original, Cherry Moon poses big questions about life with poems and other small gatherings of words, encouraging children of every age to explore the power, enchantment and sheer wonder of nature.”

(ZaZaKids Books in association with Troika, hardback, £14)