Spot Guevara Hero Dog


ZaZaKids Books in association with Troika, paperback, £8.99

(ISBN: 9781909991897)

Woof! I’m  Spot!  AND I just wrote my first book; ‘Spot Guevara Hero Dog’. It’s all about my improbable and completely amazing adventures growing up in New York City. 

You see, I was born rough on the mean streets of Brooklyn, the seventh puppy in Mama’s  litter.  Of course, there were no nice humans around to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over us arriving but that didn’t matter too much – our beautiful mama was more than enough for us pups. 

One day Perfecto Guevara came along. We loved him and he and quickly became our best human friend.  He must have been about one hundred years old  with shaggy white hair and a rough face. He didn’t have a real home either.  Every single day Perfecto came to visit us and he always brought scraps of food and cuddles and lots and lots of love.

The trouble started the day when I went out exploring on my own. When I got returned, Mama and all my family were gone. Just gone. I was left all alone. If a dog had tears to cry, I would have cried them. 

Luckily, Perfecto came to rescue me and asked me if  wanted to be his dog and him my human. I thought about it really really hard but decided that I had to go and try to find my family. 

And so my true canine adventure began the morning I set out to cross the frightening huge Brooklyn Bridge to New York City. I knew Mama and my family had to be there. I also knew that to find them all, I would need all the luck in the world. 

Spot Guevara Hero Dog is the story of a dog like no other.  Based on Zaro Weil’s real dog, Spot tells his fast-paced story in his own words and will take children on a rollicking ride of amazing escapades, beautiful friendships and real adventures.   

Accompanied by stunning, full colour drawings throughout by renowned illustrator Katy Riddell, this is a wonderful and unique book for younger children to enjoy either with an adult or on their own.  

Young children will get lost in this brilliant story, and will love to follow Spot as he confronts tough enemies, makes extraordinary new friends and, eventually, becomes the ultimate, lovable doggy hero.    

ZaZaKids Books in association with Troika, paperback, £8.99 (ISBN: 9781909991897



Circus Magic, Forest Wonders and A Hero Dog 

Lancashire Evening Post 

Monday 29, April 2019

“If your youngsters are barking mad for canine capers, then here’s an action-packed adventure story starring a lovable dog coping with life on the mean streets of New York City.

Spot Guevara: Hero Dog – the first book of an exciting new series that is perfect for young readers – is based on the real-life sheep dog of author Zaro Weil who lives in France and has also written poetry for children.

Spot, a lively puppy with a lovely story to tell, is brought to life by a gorgeous gallery of colour illustrations from Katy Riddell, daughter of the former Children’s Laureate Chris Riddell, and an illustration talent in her own right.

Born rough on the streets of Brooklyn, the seventh puppy in his mum’s litter, Spot relates his story in his own inimitable words. Spot loves to roam the city and meet new friends, like the human Perfecto Guevara who brings Spot and his family scraps of food, as well as cuddles and lots of love. Spot also has to learn to fend off danger, and find about other people and other dogs.

But one terrible day, Spot’s entire family are carted off by the Dog police while he is out exploring and he vows never to give up searching for them, even if it means crossing the frighteningly huge Brooklyn Bridge…

Youngsters will love following Spot’s adventures and misadventures in New York City as he confronts tough enemies and becomes the ultimate lovable doggy hero. Written in chapter book format, this is ideal reading for children to enjoy on their own, or to cuddle up and share with an adult.”



April 11, 2019

“Spot Guevara: Hero Dog” by Zaro Weil and Katy Riddell is set in New York City and is the story of a young puppy, Spot, who has been separated from his mother and siblings.This follows his adventures as he tries to find them, in what is a very big City.  There are ups and downs, heroes and villains  and above all there is the indomitable spirit of the young puppy.  It was a truly uplifting story with a happy ending, but with potential for more adventures.”



‘Spot Guevara lives happily on the tough streets of Brooklyn, until the dreadful day when his whole family is captured by the dog police and he has no idea where they have been taken. Vowing never to give up looking for them, Spot must learn to ward off danger, to discover which dogs-and humans-may be trusted, and how to find happiness despite all that has happened. Spot Guevara is an adventurous tale full of love, loss, courage and family values, told with lightness and humour.And engaging, bold modern print and Katy Riddell’s lively illustrations will help even less able readers to become hooked.    

Tina Massey



We always like to include a few books for younger readers beginning their solo reading journeys with illustrated chapter books, and the antics of one “Spot Guevara, Hero Dog” by Zaro Weil, with illustrations and cover from Katy Riddell is absolutely perfect for animal-loving kids everywhere.

Born rough on the streets of Brooklyn this is Spot’s story, told in his own voice and from his unique point of view.

Life on the streets is hard, and one terrible day Spot’s entire family are carted off by the Dog police and he vows never to give up searching for them.

This is the beginning of Spot’s many adventures as he roams the city meeting new friends, fending off danger and learning about humans and other dogs. Can Spot be a hero? Will he need a friend or two along the way?

This is fast-paced but really fab stuff, perfect for kids who are moving on from picture books and want an exciting waggy dog tale.