Publishing Program and Sales Information

Our publishing program is simple.

We do not want to grow very big.

We will publish one or possibly two titles a season.

We will make our best effort to publish the best books possible in their genre.

We aim to be both literary and fanciful.  Always great to look at. And always an authentic experience for kids.

Our goal is to inspire an ongoing sense of wonder in our readers.

Our educational goal is to promote individuality and creativity.

We think that is a lot to be getting on with.

The Team at ZaZaKids Books

Judith Elliott


Roy Johnson

Louise Millar

Martin West

Zaro Weil


Spring 2018


‘Firecrackers’ is a hum-dinger of a book; packed full of wonderfully off-the-wall and out-of-this-world poems, little plays, tall tales, raps, fairy tales, haikus and loads more. This 240 page treasure is an Aladdins Cave of magical words and gorgeous drawings just waiting to be discovered. Reading it will not just spark the child’s imagination, it will send it soaring.

Written by Zaro Weil

Illustrated by Jo Riddell

240 Pages

Hardback with Jacket

ISBN 978 1909991 781

Published March, 2018  by ZaZaKids Books in association with Troika Books


FALL 2018




This is Spot’s story and he tells it in his own words. Born rough on the streets of Brooklyn, he realises from an early age that he is destined to become a dog adventurer. He vows he will go everywhere and do everything. One terrible day Spot’s entire family are carted off by the dog police. Spot is broken-hearted and realises his mission is to search for his mother and brothers. As he courageously makes his way over the Brooklyn  Bridge to New York City,  Spot’s adventures begin.  Living rough as a dare-devil street dog,  a series of remarkable events occur. Spot meets some extraordinary new friends and a few  terrible enemies.

This is a tantalizing tale; one which directs us all into the heart of an amazing dog. It is  the first  in a series of SPOT chapter books aimed at middle grades.

Written by Zaro Weil

Illustrated by Katy Riddell

144 Pages …colour throughout

Paperback with flaps

Published in association with Troika Books September 2018



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