Cherry Moon – Little Poems Big Ideas Mindful of Nature

Zaro Weil, illus. Junli Song, pub. ZaZaKids Books

The  Flower Moon just went by and the Strawberry Moon is coming in June; in between all this I discovered a Cherry Moon as a keepsake!

This Summer we shall delve in the soothing and mindful world of nature poetry by the award-winning poetess Zaro Weil, brilliantly illustrated by Junli Song.  The flora and fauna mingling with the human world in a cool night and an atmosphere of nightly festivities greets us on the hardcover of the book with earthy shades of blue, red and white.  The theme is set from the beginning and readers are urged to be “where wild things are, and be a part of, well – everything.”

And it begins – the nature trip with Dogwood flowers, snoring dog, bees, blossoms, trees and beasts in the wilderness; under the moon!  The River gives its message in a Haiku –

“You’d never guess,

but it’s taken forever

learning to roll

so well.”

And the Little Pebble with a grateful heart, sings-

“I celebrate ancient earth

I salute ancient wind

I congratulate ancient waters

they made me who I am today.”

This big book of summer joys with over 95 poems is a treat for all ages, with messages of growth, acceptance, environment protection and being mindful about the same.

It beckons us to discover life as it unfolds around us in space and time, twinkling like fairy lights in the dark and fragrant like blossoms.  The reader and listeners will rightfully believe, like the Dragonflies –

“As though summer

will never end.”

Ishika Tiwari