Zaro Weil, illus. Jo Riddell, pub. ZaZaKids Books

“Long ages ago in ancient earth time, creatures talked like us but in wacky weird rhyme” and so begins this collection of 101 poems, short rhyming plays, raps, haikus, stories and fairy tales.  Illustrated with detailed and humorous black and white line drawings and pictures by Jo Riddell which both add to and expand the rich language of the text, children will delight in the cornucopia and richness of the language found within these pages.  Ideal for dipping into, this book can be read together, on your own or out loud; the plays are an interesting addition.

The topics covered are wide-ranging, thoughtful and quirky so every reader is bound to find something to delight them.  This is a great collection for sparking the imagination, generating questions, and enjoying the sound and intricacies of language and word play.  The collection is a rich celebration of the natural world and this book would sit comfortably on the shelf alongside other poetry books on nature.  There is also a QR code that can be scanned for access to an audio recording of many of the pieces.

Poetry is an under-represented area, and this would make a great addition to any collection.

Barbara Band