Cherry Moon




” Exquisitely simple poetry about nature with warm, almost vintage print illustrations to accompany, about a plum tree in spring.”



Nicola Christie  The Independent April 5, 2019



Cherry Moon

Zaro Weil and Junli Song

“Sometimes the shortest poems can impart the biggest ideas…

Always mindful of the endangered natural world around us, Cherry Moon is a wonder-filled new poetry collection for children of all ages from poet Zaro Weil who lives in France. Beautifully illustrated throughout with unique and stylish colour illustrations by Junli Song, this creatively packaged book perfectly brings to life the sheer joy of nature in all its many elements.

The collection includes poems with titles such as Wonderfulness, Flicker and flash, Listen Earth, How does the flower open, Dappling sun, and Wild as the Wind, and offers thought-provoking, sensitive and delightfully original little poems and gatherings of words – carefully grouped, separated and partnered – which encourage children to ask the big questions about life and to find their own answers.

At a time when the natural world is in crisis, and healing its wounds is high on every child’s agenda, there is a genuine need to bring nature back into the lives of children through the stories we tell. And Cherry Moon makes an enormous contribution to this, delivering special and accessible poetry for a new generation of readers.

Weil’s poems capture eye-popping moments, tender observations and a thousand whimsical reflections on the sheer joy of the natural world. Thought-provoking, sensitive and delightfully original, Cherry Moon poses big questions about life with poems and other small gatherings of words, encouraging children of every age to explore the power, enchantment and sheer wonder of nature.”

Lancashire Evening Post. May 28, 2019

Cherry Moon – Little Poems Big Ideas Mindful of Nature

Zaro Weil, illus. Junli Song, pub. ZaZaKids Books

The  Flower Moon just went by and the Strawberry Moon is coming in June; in between all this I discovered a Cherry Moon as a keepsake!

This Summer we shall delve in the soothing and mindful world of nature poetry by the award-winning poetess Zaro Weil, brilliantly illustrated by Junli Song.  The flora and fauna mingling with the human world in a cool night and an atmosphere of nightly festivities greets us on the hardcover of the book with earthy shades of blue, red and white.  The theme is set from the beginning and readers are urged to be “where wild things are, and be a part of, well – everything.”

And it begins – the nature trip with Dogwood flowers, snoring dog, bees, blossoms, trees and beasts in the wilderness; under the moon!  The River gives its message in a Haiku –

“You’d never guess,

but it’s taken forever

learning to roll

so well.”

And the Little Pebble with a grateful heart, sings-

“I celebrate ancient earth

I salute ancient wind

I congratulate ancient waters

they made me who I am today.”

This big book of summer joys with over 95 poems is a treat for all ages, with messages of growth, acceptance, environment protection and being mindful about the same.

It beckons us to discover life as it unfolds around us in space and time, twinkling like fairy lights in the dark and fragrant like blossoms.  The reader and listeners will rightfully believe, like the Dragonflies –

“As though summer

will never end.”



…these books will fire up the imagination of younger readers during the summer break, write Emma Dunn and Sarah Mallony

“Explore the changing seasons and the beauty of the natural world in

Cherry Moon: Little Poems, Big Ideas, Mindful of Nature (Troika, £14).

The 100 poems in the collection, all written by Zaro Weil, vary from the most playful to the more reflective, but always display the infectious curiosity and wonder for nature found in young minds. The book is also visually stunning, with bright graphic illustrations from Junli Song, making sharing these poems a joy for all the senses.”

The Scotsman 29 Jun 2019

Cherry Moon

Cherry Moon
Zaro Weil, illustrated by Junli Song
ZaZaKids Books

I was over the moon (cherry and otherwise) to receive a copy of Zaro Weil’s latest poetry book. It’s subtitled ‘Little Poems Big Ideas Mindful of Nature’.

Little in length, some might be, but little in impact? – definitely not; not even the very shortest haikus.

It’s nigh on impossible to choose favourites from the round about 100 offerings so I’ll start with one – Story Time Orchestra – that in essence for me sums up this entire collection:
a story time orchestra / lives inside my book / and when I open / to my favourite part // everyone starts to play’.

Play is what Zaro does in her writing –she plays with ideas, plays with words, plays with language and plays with nature itself, painting wonderful word pictures in the mind. Try reading the tongue twisting ‘Preposterous penguins’, an elaborate alliterative poem that beings thus: ’thousands / of preposterously pensive penguins / pause to participate / in a particularly polar poetry pageant’.

Many poems are interpreted through Junli Song’s stylish, almost stylised illustrations.

Unsurprisingly the elements feature in a fair few of the poems: I’ll never walk again along the muddy cycle track behind my home in the rain without thinking of ‘Mudpuddling Tonight’ that portrays so perfectly the experience of welly walking near Stroud on a rainy evening; and it will certainly help lift the spirits:
mudpuddling tonight / sloshgurgling / all the way home through / a well-shined slipstream of / a million and one raindrops / lit by / a million and one moondots’.

This is assuredly a terrific collection and one to encourage readers, young and not so young, to open wide their eyes and sharpen all their senses to the wonderful world of nature waiting to be discovered in the great outdoors from early morning to late at night and all through the seasons.

Enchantment through and through.