Author with Her Owners


Here is  author ZW with her two trusty and adorable ( most of the time)  owners. Spot and Clementine take good care of ZW and her partner GJ. Sometimes though, the pups get a mischievous flea who bites them hard and off they go running a mile a minute like crazy beasts into the wild blue yonder. They make poor ZW and GJ hike for hours through spiky forests and prickly undergrowth to find them again. But when they do, all is forgiven and Spot and Clem make amends by covering them both with a million slurpy kisses before getting them each a nice cup of tea and a few treats. Well why not? They deserve it.

By the way, Spot is the handsome real Spot Guevara pooch who appears in ZaZaKids next book which the wonderful Katy Riddell will be illustrating. Stay tuned.