A Thank You Post

ZaZaKids Books is grateful to a few extraordinary individuals who have put their hearts into this fledgling company.

Jo Riddell, the  illustrator for Firecrackers, is the same person (Jo Burroughs) who created the wonderful illustrations for ‘Mud, Moon and Me’, over 25 years ago. We  count our lucky stars that she agreed to do this book. Jo’s work is an inspiration. She has endowed every page with passion,  meaning, and beauty.

Roy Johnson has been a fantastic voice of publishing know-how; gently nurturing and guiding ZaZaKids like the experienced  pro that he is.

Louise Millar is a design genie who not only created magnificent covers for our first two books,  but who managed to conjure up seriously elegant and imaginative pages.

Judith Elliott (pen name; Our Wonderful Mrs. Picky and long time dear friend) has dedicated much of her time brilliantly editing the book, giving it form, and ensuring that the Firecrackers text is absolutely ship-shape. Now she is busy making heads and tails out of Spot Guevara. We could not do it without her.

Martin West, CEO of Troika Books, has generously taken ZaZaKids Books under his wings, making sure that the company has a good chance of having it’s voice heard.

Lisa Dempsey of lisadempsey.com in Brooklyn is a close friend and inspiration. She has created a beautiful website for ZaZaKids and is always on hand to help with…well… anything.

Jane Wayne, poet extraordinaire from St Louise, has looked over these many of these pieces for years: always with her keen poets eye and always offering subtle, kind, and spot-on critiques.

Katy Riddell, a brilliant young illustrator and daughter of Jo and Chris, is working away concocting the most amazing full colour drawings for Spot Guevara. So exciting.